Manufacturers We Represent

Plant, Industrial Instrumentation

Stover Sensor Controls in represents many major manufacturers of the finest instrumentation products available today. Contact us today to learn more about these products.


        o Signal Conditioning
        o Ethernet I/O, Peer to Peer, Switches
        o Modbus-RTV I/O
        o 4-20 mA Isolators
        o Profibus DP I/O
        o Power Supplier
Badger Meter
Badger Meter, Inc.™
        o Disc meters
        o Turbine Meters
        o Oscillating Piston Meters
        o Oval Gear Meters
        o Combustion Control
        o Environmental Monitoring
        o Pilot Burners & Burner Products
Krohne Logo
        o Magnetic Flow Meters
        o Variable Area Flow Meters
        o Mass Meters
        o Vortex
        o Flow Controllers
        o Radar / Guided Wave
        o Tuning Forks
        o Magnetic Level Gauge
        o Temperature
        o Pressure Transmitters
        o Submersible Level Probes
Marsh Bellofram®
        o I/P, E/P, P/I Transducers
        o Pressure & Filter Regulators
        o Pressure Gauges

Perma Pure
        o Gas Conditioning Products
        o Dryers, Humidifiers, Filters
        o Coalescing, Sampling Systems
Badger Meter
Research Control Valves®
        o Compact Precision Control Valves
        o Sizes ¼ inch to 3 Inches
        o Liquid, Gas, Steam
        o Cryogenic, 3 Way, Sanitary
        o Electric & Pneumatic Actuators & Positioner
Thermo Electric
        o Thermocouples, RTD’s Thermowell
        o Bimetallic Temperature Sensors
Tyco Flow Control
        o Pressure & Vacuum Relief Valves
        o Flame Arresters, Emergency Manhole Covers
        o Gauge Hatches, Double Port Regulators
        o Anderson Greenwood
        o Pilot Operated Valves, Complete Blanketing
        o Safety Valve System
Varec Logo
        o Level Gauges
           * Mechanical Float & Tape
           * Servo
           * Radar
        o Fuels Manager Automated Tank Gauging System
        o Terminal Automation Systems

TracXP Logo
Macurco Gas Detection®
        o Special hazard applications
           * Harsh industrial environments
           * Hazardous locations
           * Wireless gas detection

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